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    Here you can register for the beta test of our new App. In the coming months will select some users during the development phase as testers. If you give us detailed information you give us a better criteria to select you for testing. When the App is close to release in your region we will inform all users in those countries and give registered beta testers advance access before public release.

    Basic information

    In order to contact with information and news about our App and beta test we need your e-mail address.

    Do you agree that we send you e-mails with information about our App? (required)

    Do you want to test the App when it is finished? (required)

    Do you want to test the App in the development phase? (required)

    Our App will be available for some smartphone models first. You will need one of those models to be included in the test. We will try add support for the most popular smartphones.

    What kind of Smartphone do you have? (one is required)
    (Manufacturer and Model e.g. “Samsung Galaxy S22” or “Apple iPhone 13”)

    We need the email-address you use in the Google Play Store on your smartphone to give you exclusive access to the APP before public release.

    We will release the App in some regions and countries before releasing it globally. Therefore we need to know your country.

    In which country do you live? (required)

    Do you agree that we store and process this data for the development and testing of our App?

    All other answers are optional. If you answer them you help us to optimize our App for your user group and you incrase your chances to be included in the beta test.

    Detailed information

    We can use a second device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to display your live results. You can place the second device in a position that you can easily see the results.

    Do you have a Tablet? (optional)


    Do you have a Laptop? (optional)


    We like to know more about your skill level.

    Where do you play Table-Tennis? (optional)

    What is your skill level? (optional)

    If you are listed in the international ITTF list.
    What are your ITTF ranking points? (optional)

    If you are listed in the German TTR list.
    What are your TTR ranking points? (optional)

    Are you listed in another ranking? (optional)
    Ranking name:
    Your points:

    Trainers are of special interest to us as we are developing tools for digital training.

    Do you train other players? (optional)

    How many players do you train per year? (optional)

    We like to know more about your motivation.

    What do you want to improve? (optional)

    Other area:

    Why do you want to improve? (optional)

    Why do you play Table-Tennis? (optional)

    Select one statement that best describes your motivation:

    Some general demographic questions.

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