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With Spinsight, Spin and Speed is measured for every stroke, with instant feedback. Improving your game has never been faster.

Test a preview of Spinsight with our open beta app, available now in the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway.

Spinsight for every player


Spinsight for every player, at every table. The Spinsight app lets you see spin and speed for every ball in every game and every practice.

The setup is fast and requires an iPhone 13 or newer with a stand and internet connection. Results can be shown on any phone, tablet, computer or other device with  a browser and internet connection.


The Spinsight elite system lets top clubs and federations see every detail of every shot with extreme precision. Besides spin and speed, placement and height over net is also recorded to show the whole picture of player performance. Perfect for skill tests and high performance training.



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Take control of your game!

Get actionable insights

Objective, precise and complete data in real-time with automatic visualization allows to (dis)confirm subjective perception. Gain real insight into how you play and connect your feeling to real data.

Reach your goals faster

Our method puts you in the driver seat to reach your goals. SPINSIGHT measurement allows you to proactively manage your performance by effective goalsetting. It works for every playing level and for any goal - with and without coach. Reach your individual goals highly effectively.

Enjoy a new experience

SPINSIGHT makes TT a joyful learning experience and increases intrinsic motivation to learn and perform better. This is a new dimension of learning that simply is more fun.

“At my level I need very clear goals for my training. With Spinsight I can practise against specific strokes. And I can check the numbers and see if I reached my goal.”

Hugo Calderano - WR #4, Pan-American Champion


"Spinsight - through its values - shows me what I need to work on. And that helps me to work effectively while saving time."

Annett Kaufmann - U15, U19 & U21 European Champion

“[The fact] that Spinsight can measure spin in real time is a game changer”

Matt Pound – WTT Managing Director


"It makes it ‘click’ for the player during training. This new system is a must have for every serious player."

Oliver Alke – Compass Expert Coach