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We are table tennis lovers and scientists who are re-inventing the sport we love.

We believe that you can only manage what you can measure, yet TT is so fast that our eyes cannot keep up with the details.

This is why we explore and develop technology to enhance the TT experience, for players, coaches and fans. We develop tools to show the facts and let you make informed decisions.

We believe that the future of TT is based on insight – Spinsight.


We elevate the TT experience


To unlock player performance

To understand where we are heading, it is best to understand where we are coming from and what we have accomplished already. Afterall, the best indicator for the future, is the past. These are the cornerstones of our extraordinary journey that is just to begin: 

2015 - The question that changed it all

It all started with the question, as Konrad Tiefenbacher, Georg Nicklas and Thomas Kraus discussed measuring technology for rubber development at ESN: “WHAT IF we could measure all the vital stats of a real TT game, automatically and in real-time?”

2017 - Decision to put the idea into action

A Digital Table Tennis Group was formed at ESN with Hans Persson, Thomas Kraus, Siegfried Kettlitz, Nico Christ, Konrad Tiefenbacher, and Matthias Ottenberg. Their first task was to study and adapt commercial motion capture technology and digital racket technology, and start the development of a spin measurement system. Soon after, Hermann Mühlbach started at ESN and joined the Digital Table Tennis Group. A separate hall was set up to house our dedicated digital TT laboratory.

2018 - A high-tech digital laboratory for TT

A one-of-a-kind laboratory with state-of-the-art digital technology was developed to measure all movements in table tennis – players, rackets and ball – automatically, in real-time. In addition, our newly developed, cutting-edge spin measurement system, titled “Legretto”, was added, and allowed us to – for the first time in history – measure every key stat in TT. Shortly after, first demonstrations of our TT Lab for main stakeholders and ESN key customers were held.

2019 - Proof of Concept

Through proof-of-concept tests with top talents from Compass ETTYF and with pro players from Liebherr Masters College (LMC) at the TT Lab, we could get evidence that our system actually works. It was also here that we discovered that the technology provides actionable insights to players and coaches, enabling a deeper understanding and faster learning when training.

2020 - Major Technical Advancements

An integrated mobile concept system was developed, providing new possibilities for remote usage by players and coaches: a tablet Human Machine Interface (HMI) for live feedback, a stereo camera for improved 3D ball capturing, and a one-housing solution for remote mobile usage. Our first off-site technology tests outside Hofheim took place at LMC in Ochsenhausen. In the same year Benjamin Braun joined the team.

2021 - Proof of Technology with LMC

Following successful tech tests at LMC, we had final proof that the new mobile technology works. From then onwards, the mobile concept product was used by pro players and coaches as part of the Tokyo Olympic preparation camp at LMC in Ochsenhausen. By working with the players and coaches at LMC, a new goal-oriented training method called the SPS-method was developed. A first pilot supporting the ITTF High Performance & Development (HPD) team was held in Poland. The name SPINSIGHT was created.

2022 - The official brand launch

As of January 1st, Spinsight ESN DIGITAL GmbH got formally registered as independent company within the ESN Technology Group. In April, a follow-up pilot project with ITTF HPD, the “Research Training Camp” was held in Bad Königshofen.

2022 - The road ahead

Q3 – To develop a digital coach education concept to enable coaches to give effective training with Spinsight.

Q4 – To launch the first generation APP version to bring Spinsight insights to every player and coach.

Home base: as every startup our home base is a garage which we turned into a full digital lab. As part of the ESN Technology Group, we are based in Hofheim in Unterfranken, Germany.

A passionate team that turns the vision into reality

Steering Committee

Dr. Georg Nicklas

Jonas Nicklas

ESN Technology Group Board

Execution Team

Dr. Hans Persson

Benjamin Braun
Chief Operation Officer

Hermann Mühlbach
Senior Expert Digital Training

Dr. Ing. Siegfried Kettlitz
Senior Expert Digital System Development/Engineering

Alex Linkov
Senior Mobile Developer

Lucas Dal Grande Ghizoni
Senior Full Stack Developer

Katja Straßburger
Social Media Coordinator

External Advisors

Konrad Tiefenbacher (Dipl.-Phys.)
Technology Concepts 

Wassing Messtechnik GmbH

Matthias Ottenberg (Dipl.-Phys.)
Inventor of real-time spin measurement
Technology Development
Wassing Messtechnik GmbH

Vilhelm von Platen

Vilhelm von Platen Design AB

Jens Lindman
App Strategy + UX/UI Design
Syrgas AB

Dennis Michel
Digital Training Expert

Lutz Körner (B.Sc. Sport & Performance)
Junior Digital Training Expert

Get in touch!

We are continuosly rolling out our Spinsight technology with partners worldwide.

If you are interested in partnering with Spinsight for training centres or tournaments, drop us a line in the contact form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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