Spinsight at the FFTT’s training camp in the Pyrenees

Following a visit of the Fédération Française de Tennis de Table (FFTT) at Spinsight at the end of 2022, Spinsight got invited by FFTT’s National Technical Director, Jean-Nicolas Barelier, to support a high-class training camp in the mountains of the Pyrenees in Matemale from January 6-9.

Over 40 French national players at the age of under 23 years benefited from a highly professional set-up provided by the FFTT: about 20 top coaches from France (among them also Nicolas Gaudelas and Guillaume Simonin), 2 intensive training sessions per day, and 1 day of special education including Spinsight. Also present was French national champion Alexis Lebrun who knows Spinsight already and who passed on his expertise to the other players.

Guillaume Simonin, responsible for the under 13 years old, concluded: „The arrival of Spinsight was a real added value for our training camp. Our players were able to take advantage of this tool to assess their ball quality. The potential of Spinsight is very great, especially for training serves with a lot of relevant data instantly available.”

Hermann Mühlbach, senior expert digital training at Spinsight, demonstrated Spinsight to all players and coaches, and helped over 33 players to do a Spinsight performance test. “The high professional level of this camp shows why the FFTT’s youth team is so strong, and underlines FFTT’s high ambitions ahead of the 2024 Olympics which take place in Paris 2024. Spinsight is pleased to have the chance to work with such a strong federation.”