Get a preview of the future
with the Spinsight beta app

With the Spinsight beta app, every coach and every player will be able to see what is really happening over the table, to understand how you play and learn how to improve faster.

Join the open beta testing program and help developing the future of table tennis with us!

See your
spin & speed

Table tennis is one of the fastest sports in the world, but how fast? How much spin does every ball have? It is too fast for us to see with just our eyes or by feel alone.

With Spinsight, you get objective measurements of spin and speed, in real-time, and with automatic visualization it allows you to gain real insight into how you play and connect your feeling to real data.


Understand your strengths and weaknesses

We believe that you can only manage what you can measure. With Spinsight you get the tools you need to really understand your game. See your strengths and learn what you need to improve.

Improve your game

With Spinsight focused training flows you can train specific strokes, with tips and techniques from professional coaches and players, relevant to each stroke.

Set your goal, play, and see what actually gives you real results. No more mindless training and guesswork!


What you need

The Spinsight beta app is the heart of the Spinsight system. It pushes modern smartphones to their limits to give you precise stats about your game in real-time. In addition to the app itself, this is the hardware you need:


App + Compatible phone

The Spinsight beta app is currently compatible with iPhone 13 and newer.

The measurement is carried out on the smartphone, and the data display and training app operation is on the extra viewer.



Results can be shown on any phone, tablet, computer or other device with a browser. Additionally, hear your results with bluetooth headphones.



The Spinsight balls let you see spin with your own eyes and lets the Spinsight beta app measure both spin and speed.



The Spinsight beta app needs to be in a specific position to work. With the high quality Spinsight stand this is fast and easy to set up.


The Spinsight beta app is made for standard size table tennis tables, other tables will not work correctly.

Internet connection

To calculate spin and speed with high accuracy, we let our datacenter do the heavy lifting. Therefore you need an internet connection while using the Spinsight beta app.

Good light

To capture high speed image data for spin and speed calculation, good light is necessary at the table. More than 300 lux is recommended for stable operation.