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Help us take the Spinsight app to the next stage by applying for beta access and take advantage of our latest developments! The first 100 coaches are already onboard, apply now to get access when we release the next wave!

In this wave of beta access we focus on coaches in order to get professional feedback. Are you not a coach? Apply anyway to be first in line when we release the wave of beta access for players!


What you need

The Spinsight app pushes modern smartphones to their limits in order to give you precise stats about your game in real time. To make this possible a stable set up is required. This is what you need.



The Spinsight app is the heart of the spinsight system. Apply for beta access.


The Spinsight balls lets you see spin with your own eyes and lets the spinsight app measure both spin and speed.


The Spinsight app needs to be in a specific position to work. With the Spinsight stand this is fast and easy to set up.

Compatible phone + optional viewer

The Spinsight app is pushes the limits of modern smart phones. It is currently only compatible with iPhone 13 and newer.

Results can be shown on any phone, tablet, computer or other devices with a browser.

Internet connection

To calculate spin and speed with high accuracy, we let our datacenter do the heavy lifting. Therefore you need an internet connection while using the Spinsight app.

Good light

To capture high speed image data for spin and speed calculation, good light is necessary at the table.

Apply for beta access

Bringing precision measurement to a phone is challenging but we are well on our way, and now we would like to invite curious and innovative players to work with us to perfect the app system.

We are starting the beta phase for professional and amateur coaches in Europe who has an iPhone 13 or newer, and we are actively working on enabling Spinsight for more phone models. Every accepted applicant will get free months of service and discounts on the coach starter kit (list price €200).

Application process

1. Apply for beta access

Apply for beta access in less than two minutes. Currently available for professional and amateur coaches in Europe with iPhone 13 or newer. Apply now even if your phone or location is not currently supported to be first in line when we expand the program.

2. Buy gear

All app beta players get a discount on all necessary gear in the Spinsight store.

3. Get the beta app

We will send you instructions on how to download the Spinsight app through test flight.

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