Advice with certainty

Add new, digital dimensions to your coaching!

We want coaches to be coaches, playing a key role in enabling players
to perform at their best.

Spinsight adds new digital tools to coaching, eliminating guesswork and helping both players and coaches to focus on real progress.

Coach benefits

  • Define the right goals for every player based on status and strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to provide precise advise at any point in time, or even after every stroke
  • Never miss any ball played and go back into historic data, when needed
  • Keep track of all data while you can focus on specific goals
  • Make the coach-player interaction fact-based and more engaging by having a common view of what is happening over the table
  • Provide a new exciting training experience that drives your players’ curiousity and intrinsic motivation
  • Get meaningful statistics and automated reports for every session
  • See the progress of your players over time, and compare their performance with others

“Through/With Spinsight data I get an objective global overview of what happens at the table. I can check many parameters (…) it is very useful for me. All these measurements means clarity to us. Spinsight means the future for us. The possibilities of such a tool to explore are endless.”

Jean-René Mounie, ACE Expert Coach

"Spinsight is NEW, an achievement for the table tennis world. Facts can be created immediately. A scientifically insightful training is possible and in real-time."

Evelyn Simon, Compass Expert Coach

“With Spinsight, we (coaches) can enter in another dimension for a better knowledge of our player and also a better understanding of how to help the player to find his own technique and style. Spinsight will give the coaches the opportunity to have a better vision of how to drive the practice with a better knowledge of the player."

Michel Blondel, ACE Strategic Expert Coach

"It makes it ‘click’ for the player during training. This new system is a must have for every serious player."

OIiver Alke, Compass Expert Coach

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