Whole German national team enthusiastic

Düsseldorf, Germany
After talks and introduction in Hofheim with DTTB President Claudia Herweg and DTTB Sport Director Richard Prause, the Spinsight team went to the DTTZ-Centre in Düsseldorf for introducing and testing Spinsight among the German national team. On their free time, after ordinary practice, the male players like Ovtcharov, Dang Qui, Beneditk Duda, Tobias Hippler and Kai Stümper were all curious to test the Spinsight innovation themselves.
The same with the women´s team the day after with Nina Mittelham, Sabine Winter, Wan Yuan, Franciska Schreiner and Chantal Mantz. All players reacted very positively on Spinsight and it was agreed to continue future cooperation talks.