Jens Fellke

Möregårdhs start the future with SPINSIGHT

By Jens Fellke | October 28, 2022

”It is a great pleasure for Spinsight ESN Digital to hand over the first SPINSIGHT elite system outside Germany to Malte and Truls Möregårdh”, SPINSIGHT ESN Digital CEO Dr Hans Persson stated on Thursday morning the 27th of October in Blomsterbergshallen, the training location of Swedish top club Eslöv AI BTK. ”The Möregårdh brothers have […]

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WTT exec says Spinsight is a “gamechanger”

By Jens Fellke | October 22, 2022

Hofheim, Germany Matt Pound, Managing Director of WTT, World Table Tennis, the commercial and events company of the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF, visited ESN and Spinsight. The former ITTF Marketing Director and Head of Media was quite impressed when Spinsight was presented to him for the first time. Pound concluded: “The fact that Spinsight […]

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Kids battle for highest speed and spin

By Jens Fellke | August 8, 2022

Ochsenhausen, Germany Fifteen players from seven countries born 2009 to 2013 gathered on a compass camp in Ochsenhausen in Baden-Württemberg. Nine coaches trained the players and there was a loaded programe for the kids as well as for the several parents who accompanied their sons and daughters. One of the very highlights was a lecture […]

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Whole German national team enthusiastic

By Jens Fellke | July 27, 2022

Düsseldorf, Germany After talks and introduction in Hofheim with DTTB President Claudia Herweg and DTTB Sport Director Richard Prause, the Spinsight team went to the DTTZ-Centre in Düsseldorf for introducing and testing Spinsight among the German national team. On their free time, after ordinary practice, the male players like Ovtcharov, Dang Qui, Beneditk Duda, Tobias […]

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WTT invitation to explore possibilities

By Jens Fellke | July 22, 2022

Budapest, Hungary Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO alongside Matt Pound, Managing Director of WTT, invited Spinsight to the WTT Champions event to explore how Spinsight could support the broadcasting experience for viewers. Together with Joachim Davy, Content and Creative Director at WTT, the Spinsight team discussed the possible integration of Spinsight into the Infinity Arena […]

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First Spinsight elite coach education started

By Jens Fellke | July 3, 2022

Hofheim, Germany Together with Evelyn Simon, Bogdan Pugna and Oliver Alke, all expert coaches of compass and ESN Sports ACE respectively , also Malte Möregårdh participated in the first ever Spinsight elite coach education. ”Spinsight is awesome!” he commented after ten hours of practical and theoretical tuition. ”I am convinced it will make a revolution […]

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Möregårdhs future weapon: Spinsight

By Jens Fellke | July 1, 2022

Hofheim, Germany 20-years-old Truls Möregårdh, World Cup singles finalist in Houston in November 2021, and his personal coach and brother Malte Möregårdh visited Spinsight. During the performance test with Spinsight Truls proved his ability by breaking two new records. Innovation, creativity and variation are the pilars of Truls playing style and he is as convinced […]

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50 kids tested Spinsight at World Festival

By Jens Fellke | June 26, 2022

Györ, Hungary 232 players from 20 countries gathered to participate in the fifth Youth TT World Festival. Also the Spinsight team was there, opening for some 50 national youth players to test the Spinsight system at a training camp that also was organized and linked to the competition. Among them players from countries Uzbekistan and […]

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Icon Samsonov got the facts about his game

By Jens Fellke | May 24, 2022

Hofheim, Germany Vladimir Samsonov was the first world top ten ranked player that used rubbers produced by ESN. Still he had never been on a visit to the table tennis rubber production company in Hofheim, Bavaria. Not until 24th of May 2022 when he came to see ESN and to test Spinsight. The table tennis […]

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Special VIP visit at Spinsight lab

By Jens Fellke | May 23, 2022

Hofheim, Germany Steve Dainton, Group Chief Executive Officer of the International Table Tennis Federation, took the opportunity to get acquainted with Spinsight together with Claudia Herweg, President of the German Table Tennis Federation DTTB. They came to Hofheim to experience Spinsight and took the chance to meet ESN’s founder Dr. Georg Nicklas, Spinsight CEO Hans […]

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