Android Getting Started

Getting Started on Android

See the Help page for details.

You need a SPINSIGHT ball with dots to use the spin measurement.

The "SPINSIGHT beta" App on android is a development prototype and we recommend users to use our iOS-App on the iPhone.

To get started with the SPINSIGHT beta App under Android do:

  • Install the App
    • Only available to a limited audience.
    • Requires registration.
  • The App will ask you to read and accept our privacy agreement and for permissions to use the camera.
  • On most smartphones you need to "Run Tests" to adjust the camera settings before you can start the measurement.
  • The app needs good light for high speed video measurement.
    • >300 Lux for low speed
    • >600 Lux for high speed
    • Check the light level at your table with "Measure Light Level"
  • Use SPINSIGHT balls.
  • Place the phone in a phone stand next to the table.
    • Recommended is about 130-170 cm height above the floor and 20-100 cm distance from the table.
  • Place a SPINSIGHT ball behind the centerline of the table about 10cm from the net.
  • Start the measurement in the app.
    • The App will try to detect the ball and adjust the ISO value.
    • For better results check and adjust the ISO value and focus.
  • Play some long serves over the center of the table through the measurement area.
    • The measurement area where the app can successfuly measure the ball has a minimum and maximum distance from the camera, usually around 50-100 cm.
  • The phone screen will show the results.

The Help page has more details.