Möregårdhs start the future with SPINSIGHT

”It is a great pleasure for Spinsight ESN Digital to hand over the first SPINSIGHT elite system outside Germany to Malte and Truls Möregårdh”, SPINSIGHT ESN Digital CEO Dr Hans Persson stated on Thursday morning the 27th of October in Blomsterbergshallen, the training location of Swedish top club Eslöv AI BTK. ”The Möregårdh brothers have proved they are passionate and curious to challenge status quo in how to train and so create the future table tennis. With Spinsight they now have a performance tool to do so.”

In a special ”secret” room with black walls, the new Spinsight elite device stood beside the table on the bright red floor. Malte Möregårdh, 25, did not only receive the brand new SPINSIGHT elite system but also a certificate which confirms he is now a qualified Spinsight Elite Level 1 Coach. The first ever actually, completely educated by digital training expert of Spinsight Hermann Mühlbach.

”It feels as good as it possibly gets”, Malte said with a big smile when all photos had been taken and the second day of the final practical part of the eduction had ended. ”It is unbelievably exciting. Me and Truls have tested SPINSIGHT occaisionally and we have been longing so much to get a system so we can use it in our daily practice here in Eslöv.”

Spinsight is a gamechanger in table tennis. It is the first device that can measure spin, speed, placement and trajectory of the table tennis ball and show the result on a screen simultaneously when the stroke is made. It is built in Germany and has been developed by SPINSIGHT scientists over the last two years with help of elite coaches of compass und ESN Sports ACE.

”It will have a big influence of the future developmet of Truls as a player and also of me as a coach”, Malte continued. ”Our communication will be based on facts instead of assumptions which will make it possible to speed up the process. Also we will achieve the maximum training effect on all details and variations in Truls´game, and to develop it further.”