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FFTT and SPINSIGHT announce partnership ahead of 2024 Paris Olympics

We are proud to announce a two-year technical partnership with the French Table Tennis Federation (FFTT) and Spinsight ESN Digital. With our innovative table tennis startup delivering breakthrough insights to enhance player performance and our shared commitment to science and performance, SPINSIGHT and the FFTT will take table tennis in France to a new level.
With the 2024 Paris Olympics just around the corner, this partnership begins at a pivotal time. The two-year partnership began on June 20, 2023, with the installation of the SPINSIGHT Elite system at the innovative “CREPS” sports center in Nantes. Six top national coaches of the FFTT were enabled to use SPINSIGHT as a tool for high performance training and talent identification and development at the CREPS of Nantes and at the INSEP in Paris.

FFTT National Technical Director, Jean-Nicolas Barelier, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:
“We are excited to be the first federation to collaborate with SPINSIGHT, a company renowned for its unique technology. This partnership will give our coaches and athletes a competitive edge, enabling them to train smarter, analyze performance more accurately, and certainly save time to increase the level of the players.”

Spinsight ESN Digital CEO, Dr. Hans Persson, echoed Barelier’s sentiments, saying:
“We are honored to partner with the FFTT as one of the most progressive federations with many top talents and world-class players. Our goal for this partnership is help the FFTT team to achieve their goals and to redefine the boundaries of what table tennis training can achieve.”

We look forward to a great collaboration!

More about the partnership in this video post from FFTT:
click here!

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Spinsight visited FLTT at d´Coque & SportFabrik in Luxembourg

The d’Coque Luxembourg is one of the most modern sports centers in Europe and offers best conditions for professional table tennis training. Our senior expert for digital training Hermann Mühlbach presented our SPINSIGHT elite system and gave a lecture during FLTT’s A-license education of Henri Dielissen (FLTT President), Heinz Thews (new Sports Director), Dragos Olteanou (national coach), Mirko Habel (national coach), Philippe Moulin (regional head coach), Claude Collé (regional coach), Johannes Horsch (regional coach) an other coaches on site. Everyone was fascinated by the value SPINSIGHT can bring to elevate the quality of TT tranining.

After a meeting with Prof. Dr. Jan Cabri (Scientific Director of SportFabrik) and Martin Ostermann (former sportdirector of FLTT) last year, Konrad and Hermann presented our SPINSIGHT elite system now in Luxembourg at the SportFabrik. The SportFabrik is a brand new and technologically highly advanced sports laboratory in Europe and opened new this year! Their biomechanical specialists research all movements of athletes and with SPINSIGHT we can provide measures of the actual performance of table tennis strokes.

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Spinsight at the FFTT’s training camp in the Pyrenees

Following a visit of the Fédération Française de Tennis de Table (FFTT) at Spinsight at the end of 2022, Spinsight got invited by FFTT’s National Technical Director, Jean-Nicolas Barelier, to support a high-class training camp in the mountains of the Pyrenees in Matemale from January 6-9.

Over 40 French national players at the age of under 23 years benefited from a highly professional set-up provided by the FFTT: about 20 top coaches from France (among them also Nicolas Gaudelas and Guillaume Simonin), 2 intensive training sessions per day, and 1 day of special education including Spinsight. Also present was French national champion Alexis Lebrun who knows Spinsight already and who passed on his expertise to the other players.

Guillaume Simonin, responsible for the under 13 years old, concluded: „The arrival of Spinsight was a real added value for our training camp. Our players were able to take advantage of this tool to assess their ball quality. The potential of Spinsight is very great, especially for training serves with a lot of relevant data instantly available.”

Hermann Mühlbach, senior expert digital training at Spinsight, demonstrated Spinsight to all players and coaches, and helped over 33 players to do a Spinsight performance test. “The high professional level of this camp shows why the FFTT’s youth team is so strong, and underlines FFTT’s high ambitions ahead of the 2024 Olympics which take place in Paris 2024. Spinsight is pleased to have the chance to work with such a strong federation.”

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Möregårdhs start the future with SPINSIGHT

”It is a great pleasure for Spinsight ESN Digital to hand over the first SPINSIGHT elite system outside Germany to Malte and Truls Möregårdh”, SPINSIGHT ESN Digital CEO Dr Hans Persson stated on Thursday morning the 27th of October in Blomsterbergshallen, the training location of Swedish top club Eslöv AI BTK. ”The Möregårdh brothers have proved they are passionate and curious to challenge status quo in how to train and so create the future table tennis. With Spinsight they now have a performance tool to do so.”

In a special ”secret” room with black walls, the new Spinsight elite device stood beside the table on the bright red floor. Malte Möregårdh, 25, did not only receive the brand new SPINSIGHT elite system but also a certificate which confirms he is now a qualified Spinsight Elite Level 1 Coach. The first ever actually, completely educated by digital training expert of Spinsight Hermann Mühlbach.

”It feels as good as it possibly gets”, Malte said with a big smile when all photos had been taken and the second day of the final practical part of the eduction had ended. ”It is unbelievably exciting. Me and Truls have tested SPINSIGHT occaisionally and we have been longing so much to get a system so we can use it in our daily practice here in Eslöv.”

Spinsight is a gamechanger in table tennis. It is the first device that can measure spin, speed, placement and trajectory of the table tennis ball and show the result on a screen simultaneously when the stroke is made. It is built in Germany and has been developed by SPINSIGHT scientists over the last two years with help of elite coaches of compass und ESN Sports ACE.

”It will have a big influence of the future developmet of Truls as a player and also of me as a coach”, Malte continued. ”Our communication will be based on facts instead of assumptions which will make it possible to speed up the process. Also we will achieve the maximum training effect on all details and variations in Truls´game, and to develop it further.”

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WTT exec says Spinsight is a “gamechanger”

Hofheim, Germany
Matt Pound, Managing Director of WTT, World Table Tennis, the commercial and events company of the International Table Tennis Federation ITTF, visited ESN and Spinsight. The former ITTF Marketing Director and Head of Media was quite impressed when Spinsight was presented to him for the first time. Pound concluded: “The fact that Spinsight can measure spin live is a game changer!”

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Kids battle for highest speed and spin

Ochsenhausen, Germany

Fifteen players from seven countries born 2009 to 2013 gathered on a compass camp in Ochsenhausen in Baden-Württemberg. Nine coaches trained the players and there was a loaded programe for the kids as well as for the several parents who accompanied their sons and daughters. One of the very highlights was a lecture on Spinsight, and that everyone got the opportunity to make a performance test to understand the current status of their skills. To exceed each other speed and spin in the ball became a funny battle, and everyone wanted to continue much longer than it was time allocated for.

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Whole German national team enthusiastic

Düsseldorf, Germany
After talks and introduction in Hofheim with DTTB President Claudia Herweg and DTTB Sport Director Richard Prause, the Spinsight team went to the DTTZ-Centre in Düsseldorf for introducing and testing Spinsight among the German national team. On their free time, after ordinary practice, the male players like Ovtcharov, Dang Qui, Beneditk Duda, Tobias Hippler and Kai Stümper were all curious to test the Spinsight innovation themselves.
The same with the women´s team the day after with Nina Mittelham, Sabine Winter, Wan Yuan, Franciska Schreiner and Chantal Mantz. All players reacted very positively on Spinsight and it was agreed to continue future cooperation talks.

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WTT invitation to explore possibilities

Budapest, Hungary
Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO alongside Matt Pound, Managing Director of WTT, invited Spinsight to the WTT Champions event to explore how Spinsight could support the broadcasting experience for viewers. Together with Joachim Davy, Content and Creative Director at WTT, the Spinsight team discussed the possible integration of Spinsight into the Infinity Arena layout. Further, the team got a behind the scenes view about the broadcasting thanks to Melissa Soobratty, Broadcasting Director, and the IMG team around Mike Rehu. This first meeting was positive and both sides agreed to elaborate possibilities further.

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First Spinsight elite coach education started

Hofheim, Germany
Together with Evelyn Simon, Bogdan Pugna and Oliver Alke, all expert coaches of compass and ESN Sports ACE respectively , also Malte Möregårdh participated in the first ever Spinsight elite coach education. ”Spinsight is awesome!” he commented after ten hours of practical and theoretical tuition. ”I am convinced it will make a revolution in the way to practice. It is a total game changer! The more I understand of it the more I realize how much it can be used. Now the coach and the player both can observe what is most efficient in training, it is not only up to the feeling of the player as it has been til now. I want to use it daily!”

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Möregårdhs future weapon: Spinsight

Hofheim, Germany
20-years-old Truls Möregårdh, World Cup singles finalist in Houston in November 2021, and his personal coach and brother Malte Möregårdh visited Spinsight. During the performance test with Spinsight Truls proved his ability by breaking two new records. Innovation, creativity and variation are the pilars of Truls playing style and he is as convinced as determined that Spinsight will be a very important tool to develop his unique style further.