Getting Started

Getting Started

See the Help page for details.

You need to do the following steps to get started with the SPINSIGHT beta App under Android:

  • Install the App
    • Only available to a limited audience during the beta phase.
  • The App will ask you to read and accept our privacy agreement and for permissions to use the camera.
  • On most smartphones you need to "Run Tests" to adjust the camera settings before you can start the measurement.
  • The app needs good light for high speed video measurement.
    • >300 Lux for low speed
    • >600 Lux for high speed
    • Check the light level at your table with "Measure Light Level"
  • We can use ordinary white table tennis balls for speed measurement (no spin).
  • Start the measurement in the app.
  • Adjust the ISO value and focus.
  • Place the phone in a phone stand over the table or have a second person hold it.
    Measurement Window Handheld
  • Play some long services over the center of the table through the measurement area.
    • The measurement area where the app can successfuly measure the ball has a minimum and maximum distance from the camera, usually around 50-100 cm.
  • The phone screen will show the results.
  • Also test the higher measurement ranges of 60 and 90 km/h.
  • If the speed measurements work reliably your phone and location are likely able to do the spin measurement.

If you have SPINSIGHT balls available you can select them as ball type and start the spin measurement.

If you do not have SPINSIGHT balls you can try out making some DIY balls for first steps with service training.

The Help page has more details.